Research Interests

Methodologically, we are interested in developing and evaluating statistical and quantitative methods for 

  • Longitudinal data analysis

  • Multilevel modeling (MLM)

  • Structural equation modeling (SEM)

  • Dyadic data analysis

  • Mediation and moderation analysis

  • Cumulative data analysis (meta-analysis, integrative data analysis)

  • Bayesian Estimation

  • Missing data analysis

  • Study design issues (e.g., sample size planning)

  • Measurement issues related to longitudinal research

Particularly, we are most interested in developing methodologies for combinations of the above areas such as studying mediation from the longitudinal perspective, sample size planning for mediation analysis, longitudinal dyadic data analysis using MLM and/or SEM, integrative data analysis using MLM and/or Bayesian estimation, missing data handling methods for longitudinal research, and studying reliabilities of change or variability indicators.

Substantively, we are very interested in applying quantitative methods in developmental, family, health, and educational research. We highly value collaborative research and look forward to collaborating with researchers in other labs to address novel and interesting psychological, behavioral, and health research questions.